Wednesday, 21 May 2008

MA Project

I could spend forever looking at other people's stuff and never actually make any decisions about my own bloody film. Everything I see, I want to emulate. One minute it's Robert Breer or Stuart Hilton, then it's Blu, then it's Tim Webb, then it's some music video or other, then it's Semiconductor blah blah blah, so it goes on. One minute I feel like giving up on my own ideas and using some poem or something as a starting point, then I feel like that would be cheating and that I've already started on my own ideas and it would all be wasted time if I gave up now. I wish someone would just tell me what to do!

Anyway, I started off thinking the soundtrack would be leading the ideas for this film, but it turns out not to quite work like that. Ideas just tend to come from all directions, feeding into each other - with that test below, for example, I recorded the sound of the rice crispies first, thinking it would have a nice textural quality, but I didn't intend to use actual rice crispies to represent the photons, or whatever they're supposed to be. Is this the wrong way to work? I dunno, it's probably ok if you've got time to piss about, but I don't. I'm gonna have to make certain assumptions about sound/image relationships I think, and just trust my judgement where I have to.

More ideas have started pushing the old ones out of my tiny mind again. I think these new ones might be the way to go this time though, as they kind of naturally hold everything together. Sticking with the sciencey stuff, I'm "going to" take certain theories, like the quantum electro dynamics stuff, and just kind of take the piss a bit and let my imagination run with the ideas. For instance, I think my opening scene will be a pigeon choking on a rice crispie light particle. Or maybe I'll have little monsters deciding whether to let photons through, or send them reflecting on their way. Maybe there could be a big battle between monsters affiliated to each colour, deciding what colour certain things are.

I'm rambling, this probably makes very little sense to anyone outside my face. Ignore me.


lassmann said...

hey there big fella,

thanks for rambling, apologies for not ignoring yer!
in my humble opinion, it is important to have some message in any kind of animation. like mighty ed hooks says:"We are shamans, and we talk to the tribe. " and something along the lines of "if we have a story to tell, the tribe will come and listen". - having senn some very mediocre comics at a comicfestival recently (which were very good graphics wise) i felt that its kind of more important to have something to say than have pretty imagery.

keep it coming dude

Retchy said...

This is exactly what I'm struggling with really - finding something to say. When people say you should have a message or meaning I always assume they mean something profound and earth shattering. I don't have anything profound to say, I'll leave that to the clever people, but yeah, I know what you mean - I don't just want a series of random images. That would be a bit pointless.

I think I've got an idea sorted now though. It's been a struggle, but I'm getting there. I've thought and said this before though...

Cheers for the advice man.