Thursday, 6 March 2008

More Narrative Presentations

I got to sit and be entertained today and didn't have to worry about presenting stuff, which was nice. There was some really good presentations today, which made me a bit jealous cos I felt like I could have pushed myself a bit more and come up with something more interesting. Oh well. Anyway, Juliet's was dead good - she just had a table and a lamp set up, started some sort of campfire song playing, and proceeded to lay out a camping scene in front of us with little propped up, cut out drawings she'd made. A really random story about people with Goat skulls for heads ensued, but it just seemed to work with the music. The simple black and white ink drawings really stuck in my mind for some reason.

Who else was good? They were all good, but, shit I can't remember her name (Jackie?), she basically managed to make us all feel like we were four years old again. In a good way. She just told us a nice little story about an embroidery needle, and then revealed that the blanket that had been on her knee throughout was actually a kind of embroidered storyboard of the whole tale. Really simple, but extremely effective. I'm jealous of her grandchildren.


lassmann said...

interesting stuff - do them other people have some weblogs to check out as well perchance?!

Retchy said...

This is one of my classmates -

I don't think the other people have blogs...