Sunday, 9 March 2008

Please Let The Writing Be Over...

Right. Time to get my head straight. I've spent the last four days writing up projects - I'm sure you can imagine how mind numbing that can be. I've also got three days to finish my self negotiated project (the one with all the projection stuff) and I haven't been able to work on it for about six weeks (bar a couple of days the other week) because of various fuck-ups, the most recent being a useless bunch of fuckwits selling me something they "don't actually have sir, oooOOoo, it's virtual stock, you see". Honestly, I do despair sometimes.

Anyway, hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow morning (I've ordered it from another website now) just as I wake up, fresh for three days of stress. I'm going to really have to push it to get some decent results before the deadline. This project hasn't made me any the wiser as to how I'm going to apply this technique so far, so I need to try some decent stuff out so I can think about it over the break.

The plan is to try out the two most ambitious ideas I've had for the project, CONCENTRATE AND THINK ABOUT WHAT I'M DOING, be patient, and take my time to do some decent animations while I'm at the factory. The first one is the one that's storyboarded a couple of posts below - I've developed it a bit more in my head though. The other one will involve cubes hanging from the ceiling instead of triangles. Much more complicated and time consuming to sort out but, like i said, I need to push it.

On a side note, these three videos are really good. I want to combine all three styles, plus my work, in future. God knows how though.

ch'ien belgique from depart on Vimeo.

Etienne De Crecy Live 2007 Transmusicales de Rennes from Clement bournat on Vimeo.

Animal Collective - Leaf House from benjamin ramirez on Vimeo.

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